Doubler Kit

Doubler is safest (has safety relays) and most efficient way to receive 240V from two common 120V outlets. Doubler does not have transformer (or equivalent non transformer circuits) that allows to double voltage. It double the voltage most common way from 2 split phase circuits to single phase just ground wire for safety.
WARNING: Do NOT plug in the doubler to any outlet before testing electrical outlet for proper wiring!! We attached standard Outlet Tester to the kit

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Doubler is rainproof and has safety circuits. I double the voltage or power consumption. If you at your grandma old house or motel do not have 240V outlet this is your best option.
For additional $30 you can get doubler with precise Energy meter.
Input: 2x120V 15A (that is 99% of common outlets in US household)
Input max: 2x120V 25A ! You should set max current on your EV or EVSE to appropriate value. The current must be limited by 16A/22A on respectively 15A/20A outlet. It will prevent to trip your circuit breaker. You can limit current by certain type of EVSE or by controls inside your EV. Eg: Nissan Leaf 2001-2013 has maximum axeptance current is 16A. You should not bother.
Output: 240V 16A 3.8 kW
Output max: 240V*25A = 6000VA = 6 kW
Safety Relay 240V 30A.
LCD screen or Wattmeter indicates voltage: 80-280 VAC. Current (Amps): 50A
Momentary push test button is waterproof


1. Test any 120V receptacle before plug it in with attached outlet tester! Also the tester indicates 120V presence.
2. Connect the long cord to the outlet ONLY if the receptacle tester indicates proper wiring!!
3. Find other receptacle in ‘another’ room and TEST THE OUTLET BEFORE PLUGGING the short cord, while holding the Doubler box in your hand.
4. Push test button and watch for 230V-242V, if it is not present – follow the step 3 again. Also if you find the proper outlet then you can hear safety relay connection click inside the box
5. Connect your car EVSE (a.k.a. a charger) if you have 240 Volts then start to charge your car. And start to run your timer app on your mobile phone.
5. Optional. Push the button on the box to see Volts and Amperage consumption. The approximate amount of energy would be: V*A*t[hours]=x[kWh]. Approximate charge cost would be: $=X*0.10 $/kWh where is Price 10 cents per kWh is varies from day time and location. You can calculate average Amps as (A start + A finish)/2. To make more precise calculation you can watch Amps each half hour. E.g. 238V * 12A* 4 hours * 0.10 $/kWh=$1.14 That means you own a property owner $1.14 for your car charge during 4 hours and your EV consumed about 11 kWh. If you do not want to calculate we can install for your doubler (for additional $30) precise Energy Meter.

If you need to extend a cord than do it with a household extension cord ONLY “12AWG” OR “10 AWG” written on the cord!! If you chain extension cables more than 50 ft total length of all cords use 10AWG cables only! E.g. Do not use an extension cord if there is engravings: “14AWG 10..” otherwise you will see how it will become hot after few minutes and born as a fuse after while.
The Safety circuits inside the doubler protect any toddler against disconnecting one 120V plug and playing with it, also it protects you in any heavy rain.

Kit content and description

  • Outlet Tester.
  • Cord and carabiner for hanging.
  • 6 ft short cable AWG10-3 connected to the box. It has a standard (NEMA 5-15P) plug.
  • 15 ft cable AWG10-3 connected to the box with a standard plug.
  • 6 ft output cable AWG10-3 connected to the box. It has one of the following outlets/Receptacles: NEMA 5-20R; NEMA L6-20R; NEMA L6-30R; NEMA 14-50R

Additional information

NEMA 14-50R

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